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Feet Meter

Feet Meter is a “brannock device” in your pocket. FeetMeter app is a simple but accurate tool for foot length measurement. Based on the found foot length the app estimates the shoe size needed for ordering footwear. Shoe size results in the app are compared with standard shoe size charts known from open resources (e.g wikipedia, etc). Please note that shoes from different brands may varies in sizes and shapes, so the app is not a replacement for trying shoes on.

With the app you will be able to take or load a picture of your feet and to do all measurements on it. You can instantly switch between Man, Woman, Kid charts and see shoe sizes for US, UK, EU, BR, CN and JP regions.

The accuracy of measurements depends on how thoroughly you follow the measurement instructions and how precisely you align rules on the screen.

What you need


Step-by-Step Guide

Step #1

Stand against a wall with your feet shoulder-width apart (barefoot or wearing thin socks, no shoes!), heels touching the wall and toes pointing forward.

Step #2

Place a reference, sheet of paper A4 or US letter, on the floor between your feet

See tips ...

Step #3

Take or upload previously taken picture using camera button.

Step #4

Trace/outline the reference accurately (very important!) using corner points of the frame. Keep correct orientation: “short” line must be over short side of the sheet.

Lock the reference outline using “Lock” button

Step #5

Select or check paper size (A4 or Letter) you are using as the reference.

Step #6

Trace wall/floor joint line using control points on the baseline.

Step #7

Drag the control points on top of the foot rulers to mark the longest toes on both feet

Step #8

Press “Shoes” button to get your feet length and shoe size chart. Use measurements of the larger foot as the final result.

Switch between Man | Woman | Kid charts if needed

Tips for accurate measurements

No gap between floor and wall

Double tap to zoom in/out for accurate alignment

Toes point straight forward, sheet is not wrinkled

Paper sheet doesn’t touch the wall, not overlapped and has good contrast with the floor

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